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Based on information obtained in the initial consultation with the client, the professionals provide proper guidance for each case.

The performance of our professionals is guided from the beginning by the commitment, speed and credibility with the prospects, the limits and conditions for the provision of service to be performed.

The team acts with integrity, discretion and confidentiality maintaining an effective and constant communication with the clients, keeping them fully informed of each step to be taken.

See some of the key services of Mônica Guazzelli Advocates office:

Action to protect the Elderly

In many situations, the elderly have vulnerabilities that require special protection. The office works on the guidance, monitoring and promotion of measures to ensure the elderly physical and psychological well-being, avoiding and preventing them from being abused and / or exploited.


The office provides guidance and support for people who wish to adopt children from the stage of qualification in the National Register until the filing of the adoption judicial action itself.


When parents do not live together, an organization is necessary in relation to spousal support for the expenses. The formalization of an agreement is important to enforce an order of payment in the event of noncompliance.

Negotiations and processes relating to spousal support agreements often have a high degree of litigiousness, deserving the appropriate treatment. “To judge each case on its own merits”, as we say in Family Law. Each case peculiarity will guide amount or modification of child support.

Anticipated Inheritance

According to the rules on succession, the office provides all the necessary guidance and advice, drafting and forwarding the relevant documents in order our clients give the destination they want to their assets after death, avoiding conflicts among descendants.

Child Custody

It is increasingly common to find parents separated, single or remarried. In such cases, it will have to be set if the custody is exercised by only one parent or both. This is a topic that has been showing changes in recent years, generating confusion and inaccuracies and it requires special care.

De facto partnership

Cohabiting is de facto situation and, as such, it disregards any registration or formality. Characterized living together in a genuine basic, solidarity, the intention to become a family and other specific requirements, the emotional relationship will generate property rights, duties and inheritance, which can be agreed during the relationship, avoiding possible litigious outcome.

Divorce and de fact partnership termination

The end of an affective relationship is always a delicate moment that requires making difficult decisions. The divorce or partnership termination dissolves the relationship and its effects. It often defines the division of property and issues related to children, such as custody and alimony.


Donations made from parents to children and grandchildren are very common, but not all people know that donations can be deducted in a future inheritance and that you can avoid it. Those and other kind of donations need to taken into account to achieve the real intentions of people involved.

Inheritance Planning

Inheritance planning is a series of preventive measures, tailored especially for each case, which can be taken by the author of the future inheritance to organize their succession. The aim is to avoid family disputes, protect the heritage assets, and ensure the transmission to the successors in an organized and targeted manner, minimizing risks and costs.

Inheritance and Inventory (succession)

The Estate Inventory is the procedure by which the property left by a person are listed and, later, passed to heirs. The inventory can be done through the courts or by public deed, always with the guidance and monitoring of a lawyer.

Interdiction and guardianship

There are cases where people, for some illness or disability, do not have conditions to manage their life and their interests. In those cases, it must be appointed by a court a guardian who becomes partially or fully responsible for the administration of the property and the life of the one who is unable.

Issues related to filiation and legal parentage

The issue of parental bonds has risen to prominence due to the change of understanding of the elements that determine this relationship. The firm operates in affiliation matters aimed at establishing or negating the bond, such as investigative actions and negation of paternity, adoption, maternity substitution, civil registry change, among others.

Living Wills: Advance directives

Advance directives are official statements in which the individual explains what she/he wants to those responsible persons such as doctors and relatives to be observed at a time when she/he can not express their will.

Orders of Parenting time or visitation

When the family does not live in a same home, the interaction between the children and the parent who does not reside with them become difficult. To preserve the interaction; there is the regulation of visitation.

Relationship with grandparents and other family members (support, custody and visitation)

The family is not just to that core made up of parents and children, but it extends to grandparents and other relatives that often play important roles in the life of children. The Family Law provides necessary resources to ensure the preservation of those family bonds and the exercise of rights and duties for all those engaged in this relationship.

Rules of matrimonial property and premarital agreement

In the act of marrying, unless specific situations, the couple is free to choose the rules that will prevent during the marital relationship. The choice may be for one of the listed statutory property regimes or obeying certain special rules, designed to meet specific needs.

Sales between parents and children

In order to parents and children can conduct business with each other, there are legal requirements that must be met. Therefore, we guide clients in the case ascendants and descendants intend to do so, trying to avoid the negotiation to be challenged in the future, preventing possible family conflicts as well


Since the Constitutional Amendment No. 66/2012, previous legal separation is no longer a requirement for divorce decree. Nevertheless, the separation of bodies remains an option of the couple, intended to stop a situation of intense family conflict.


The division of property between the successors, the way it is established by law, does not always reflect the desire of the author’s future inheritance. The will is one of the tools available to organize the distribution of assets among heirs or third parties (legatees).